Home in the City

3 Bedroom, 4 Baths, 2 Balconies, Full Service Building, & Totally renovated.
2520 Square Feet-HUGE ! : )
Meile appliances throughtout Kitchen & Laundry Room
Hardwood Floors, Custom Cabinets
LP: $870K
(great price for the amount of space)

Oh  what I'd do with this space......


Getting There....

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”- John Wooden

Details Details Details! 
That is what one is constantly reminding me to remember so I am sharing some Detailed Shots from the Office Project that's underway...

You won't believe how comfortable these funky green chairs are! You can literally curl up and enjoy the park view out the window with a warm cup of chaw (as it's a winter wonderland in Chicago).

Chairs to be used in reception seating space however as more are needed the chairs have been discontinued-on the search for new chairs! Trust me thought-we're keeping them somewhere here!

Obviously Green is the trend here!

Super Mod stools along the bar line the only solid wall in the space for quick laptop setup and coffee during the hectic work day. The counter is "Blizzard" quartz- Posh!

Ceiling Before:                                                     


Office Demo C'est Fini

Demo Complete at the real estate office!

Check out how great it looks with the ceiling exposed:

Lots of natural sunlight!

Looking @ the picture below the right side along the wall will be a high bar for indivdual work space and 2 large tables in the middle for group colabrating

Ceiling has been cleaned! Looking Urban

Reception space and new entrance door location-  View looks south over Grant Park!

Overall the ceiling is now about 9ft which makes the space seem twice as large

Design Concept
Office Makeover Concept
As you can see from the design scheme the reception chairs will provide the splash of bright color while the main pieces (high bar, large desk, agent chairs) will be white. The floor will be a gray lightly stripped carpet-still looking @ options!


A little German for you

Back to the 2 Bedroom as the demo has finished up & they have finalized the kitchen plans...think Deutsch
DEMO Kitchen Images:

Great ceiling height gained in the demo

The demolition has really allowed the opportunity to see the space more clearly & to breathe a sigh of relief that the horrible carpet or the black/white toilet is no longer staring anyone in the face any longer...imagine looking at that every day! 
 Hooray Demo!!

If you have not already met, let me introduce you to the ultimate König of custom cabinetry Poggenpohl

Sleek, Pure Modern, Seamless, an Elegant Lifestyle

I'd take him too with the cabinets ;) 
According to designers & consumers alike: "The feeling of owning a Poggenpohl kitchen belongs to style-conscious individuals who know what counts".

Based on the client's concept, taste, style & color scheme Poggenpohl Design Specialist Eric's renderings for the space...
Cabinets: Marsh Oak Counter Tops: Quartz Blizzard Appliances: Meile

Keep in mind that the floor will be dark wood with a stainless steel toe kick

A Real View @ the Poggenpohl Philly show room which uses the marsh oak/stainless steel concept, c'est très chic

The appliance are all Miele (German of Course)

Refrigerator: Custom Built-in Meile KF 1901 Vi 36" Cabinet Face not SS
Dual Compressor! Connected to the internet! Just Awesome!

Dishwasher: Integrated G2472 SCVi 24" Cabinet Face not SS
Silverware has its own shelf on the top! Now more space for larger items below

Induction Cook Top: KM5753 30" The best cook top available!
To see how it works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF8bXgXmE-8
2 Unit Oven & Speed Oven: H 4082 BM having a traditional oven is great and adding the speed oven is even better as it works as both a microwave or a small oven which is perfect size for frozen pizza!

Poggenpohl images from : thedesignannual.com & designhouseconcepts.com 


Project #2: Office Space

Still working on the 2 bedroom condo space but lets get situated with Project #2...

Located in Chicago's Fabulous/Modern New East Side but the office itself has not been touched since the 80's!
Current Floor Plan

All together about 1200 Sq Ft. Wall space is ORIGINAL! 1963. We're working with a real gem here....

What offices looked like in the 80's:

I know you love the 2 types flooring, glass block and stripes all when you walk in the office! oh don't leave out the eagle perched to welcome you!

Looking South into common office space, behind you is  the 3 private offices and the storage closet + coat closet...Lots of good storage space here.

Inside one of the office spaces that is currently being used as "The Conference Room". I think the Corinthians columns supporting the makeshift conference table makes this official.

Looking north into office space. glass cubicles=dated.

SUPER BONUS! OUTDOOR SPACE! As you notice there's a surrounding fence lined with plants which allows some privacy but still allows clients to feel welcome. Score!

Now that you've seen the space, let the demo commence!
Would love to hear ideas/comments, we'll be back with the concept/colors soon!


Chicago City Circuit

Exciting news! Now we don't have to trek up to Lincoln Park when we need our blizzard fix, No now we can walk over to the new Loop location!! Birthdays will never be the same in the Loop ICE CREAM CAKES FOR ALL!

Enjoy! Especially this weekend since summer is suppose to turn up this weekend.

436 S Wabach St. Chicago IL 60605

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The Concept: 2 Bedroom Makeover

About the occupant:  Single male, 30's, Enterpeneur
Likes: Clean lines, Dark & Light Contrasts, Modern, Chic

Color Palate Concept:

2 Bedroom Design Concept